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Lake Erie Events

COVID-19 Policy

Updated January 2021


Do you reschedule due to COVID-19?

YES! We are offering all of our customers the opportunity to change their date at no cost when unable to host their event due to government restrictions.


Is your office open?

YES! Our office is open by-appointment-only. Some precautions we are taking including being staged 6 feet apart, extra cleaning and sanitizing, and staff temperature checks, Since this is a private space, it is your discretion if we wear masks while meeting in person.

Are you currently working?

YES! We are back to work! We are operating and working events under our client's wishes and government restrictions.

Are you still booking new clients for 2021, 2022, and 2023?

YES! We are still booking new events at this time, and some areas of the region are now having private events again safely.



Hi there!

We understand that right now everyone is talking about the COVID-19 epidemic, so we wanted to update our clients about the status moving forward with Lake Erie Events.

2020 was on the books to be our best year ever, with a record number of events for our company. All of that came to a complete stop in March 2020, where for the first time in modern American history having a gathering of friends, family, and coworkers became illegal.


As you already know, this virus is affecting more than just our region, it's affecting the entire world. This is unprecedented in our lifetime. Nobody is unsure how long this is going to last, and how it will affect our health and life moving forward. Many event professionals are learning new rules as we go, and the rules and expectations continue to change.

We are here to help. If a customer of Lake Erie Events chooses to reschedule their date, due to government or venue restrictions, they may do so at no added cost. Their booking, packages, planning, and any money paid towards an event will be transferred to a new date or location. They may also cancel their original event, and use their payments towards a new agreement or event type entirely. Unfortunately due to the year of financial loss and struggle that our business has had with COVID-19, refunds are limited at this time, but will be available once we resume normal revenue again in a post-covid world.


We are also excited to now offer Virtual Events during this time, where our team can stream your event online with minimum guests in attendance for your other guests to watch. We are offering an exclusive rate for clients already booked with Lake Erie Events to add a virtual upgrade.

There are a few dates in 2021 that are already booked solid for our team, but we believe we can still accommodate additions and changes on those dates as well.


If you change your date, you may get a different Lake Erie Events entertainer if your first choice is unavailable on the new date, but you are guaranteed a Lake Erie Events trained professional exclusive to our company. Saturdays are our most popular dates of the year, but several Fridays and Sundays are very flexible and are our biggest recommendation to look at if you would like a preferred DJ.

Ultimately, it will be up to our clients how to handle each event, and we’re happy to provide insight and options.  Each booking is different and will be handled individually.

Lake Erie Events looks forward to fulfilling our agreements with our customers as soon as time, god, and the government allows us!

Our team is struggling ourselves, and most of our team has picked up alternative work and freelance work to help during the financial struggle, but we will promptly respond to any emails, voicemails, and texts as soon as possible. Please contact us today to discuss your options.

I pray and wish you all the best of health during this very difficult time. We are in this together. ❤️

- Josh Bennett,

Owner of Lake Erie Events

Temperature Checks

We are requiring all staff to check their temperature before leaving for an event. Should they be above average, a replacement will be immediately implemented.

Hand Washing

All staff will be required to wash hands multiple times during the event, especially after setup, and after toasts when a microphone exchanges hands.


Microphones will be sanitized before and after guest use.


Depending on your county, state, and venue requirements, we will wear masks during the setup and teardown of the event. It is up to a combination of laws and your discretion if we wear them during the event.

Hand Sanitizer

These will be at the DJ’s booth and photo booth during the entire event for the DJ and for guests to use.

Guest Interaction

When taking requests and interacting with clients, DJs will maintain a safe distance.

Photo Booth

It is up to your discretion if you want to have any physical props, or strictly digital props. The attendant will wipe down everything between each guest experience. Hand sanitizer will be near the booth as well.

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